Uniqlo wanted to get some hype building around their new line of Ultra-Light Down. In response, we teamed up with some awesome trendsters on Instagram to launch the #BestVest project! 16 social media gurus used the $100 gift card we gave them to purchase a Uniqlo vest and some other swag, styling it up and posting their looks to Instagram and encouraging their followers were encouraged to do the same. Participating users were entered in a sweepstakes to win a $200 Uniqlo gift card when they posted their outfit using #BestVest !

During the contest period, #BestVest generated over 2 million impressions from 103 posts by 90 users ! We ended the campaign with awesome new influencers, an engaged audience for Uniqlo’s social platforms, and lots of awareness for Uniqlo’s latest fall/winter styles.